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Wines of Portugal

Andorinha er Mathallens eget portugisiske hjørne som tilbyr et utvalg av portugisisk mat, kaker og vin. Nå er vinlisten deres endelig komplett og de vil derfor starte å tilby vinsmakinger.

De tilbyr følgende ulike alternativ:

Option 1:
Sample 5 white wines from across Portugal (Minho, Lisbon region, Alentejo, the Azores and Porto) to give you a sense of the large variety of Portuguese wines

Option 2:
Sample 4 red wines from across Portugal (Lisbon region, Alentejo, Dão and back to Alentejo or a Bairrada). The first 3 wines will be single variety wines while for the 4th you will be able to choose between another single variety (Bairrada) or a field blend Alentejo).

Option 3:
Get a selection of 6 dessert wines. We will start of with a Moscatel from Setúbal, followed by 3 distinct Port varieties and finish off with 2 Madeira wines. If you thought there is only 1 type of port and have never tried Madeira wine, this one is for you.

But if you prefer to stick to a specific region we will offer two more options for you.

Option 4:
The Alentejo. You will get 4 (or 5) wines from a vineyard just north of Evora in the heart of Alentejo.
This will include 2 Whites, 2 Reds and if you feel like going the entire way also one Rosé.

Option 5:
Lisbon region: Despite Lisbon not being best known for its wine, it nevertheless produced great wines across the board. You will get to try 2 Whites, 1 Red and 1 Moscatel to give you an impression of the big variety that Portuguese wines have.

Option 1 White & 2 Red: 299, – NOK
Option 3 Moscatel, Madeira, Port: 259, – NOK
Option 4 Alentejo: 309, – NOK (+70, – NOK for the extra Rosé)
Option 5 Lisbon: 159, – NOK