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Sidhu MooseWala

SunMedia & Singhz Entertainment presents Sidhu MooseWala 28th Sept. Live in Oslo.
After Ranjit Bawa in 2016, we are now ready for Sidhu MooseWala who is doing a Europe tour with live band from Aman Hayers Entourage and getting supported by DJ Harpz from UK.  Today Sidhu Moosewala is world famouse singer and song writer, 7 – 8 songs only in his whole carrier and these all songs is superhit:

  • License (Written by Sidhu Moosewala)
  • Aa giya ohi billo time (Written by Sidhu Moosewala)
  • G Wagon (Singer: Sidhu Moosewala)
  • So High (Singer: Sidhu Moosewala)
  • Life style (Singer: Sidhu Moosewala)
  • Issa Jatt ((Singer: Sidhu Moosewala)
  • Just listen (Singer: Sidhu Moosewala)