Hva leter du etter?

Calypso Summer Party!

So you’re back from summer holiday, autumn is just around the corner, the weather is playing up, but you still have your head somewhere in an tropical beach:
You just wanna chill out some more and listen to easy music, eat great exotic food and drink refreshing beverages.


Then this is it: Say farewell to the summer – or prolong it some more – and come on down to your favourite gastropub! We will be serving carribean super-healthy food by Roots & Culture, make some ultra special drinks for the night and at 21:00 you can dance to the calypso together with Henrik Horge & Calypsokameratene onstage!

Yes, Henrik Horge & Calypsokameratene are back at Smelteverket!
With straw hats and Hawaiian shirts, they give you catchy melodies, fruity drinks and tropical rhythms! Earlier this year the band released their album «Fruit & Tobago», delivering a multitude of melodic pearls straight from the Caribbean islands!
This a the concert for those who like mango, bongo and Belafonte. Henrik Horge & Calypsokameratene serve Caribbean Calypso music with a swinging-50’s tasteful warm humorous packaging!
Featuring legendary Tom Mathisen from Prima Vera / Falsk & Mathisen is on guitar.

Age limit: 23 years old after 21:00

Reservations recommended.
more info: www.smelteverketoslo.no


Henrik Horge & Calypsokameratene er tilbake på Smelteverket!

På med stråhatt og blomsterskjorte, for her blir det fengende melodier, fruktige drinker og tropiske rytmer! Tidligere i år kom platen «Frukt & Tobago» og Calypsokameratene spiller en mengde melodiske sydhavsperler med beina plantet på hver sin karibiske øy! Dette er konserten for deg som liker mango, bongo og Belafonte! Henrik Horge & Calypsokameratene serverer karibisk calypsomusikk med swingende 50-tallssound i smakfull varm humoristisk forpakning! Legenden Tom Mathisen fra Prima Vera/Falsk & Mathisen er med på smektende sologitar!