Guided tour at Vulkan

Vulkan has been a vibrant industrial area since the Middle Ages and up to the foundry production ended in the 1960’s. Around 10 years ago the property developers Aspelin Ramm and Anthon B Nilsen bought the Vulkan area and started the development of what was to become a thriving new area in the heart of Oslo.

Vulkan is a full scale example of sustainable urban development, based on the sharing of localities, resources and energy in a dense and multifunctional area – telling it’s story in different ways, through buildings, monuments and legends.

Together with Oslo Guidebureau you can join the 60-minute walking tour where you visit the Vulkan area.

Oslo Guidebureau employ more than 200 officially certified Oslo Guides, altogether fluent in 20 different languages.

Price: NOK 200,- per person.
Minimum 15 people per group. Maximum 20 people per group.

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