Malin Hellkvist Sellén – Rosa löften

“Swedish dansband” meets contemporary dance.

Pink Promises takes off in an investigation of bodies, identity and contemporary dance in relation to Swedish bandstand (in Swedish “dansband”) culture and music. The piece is in a way a sequel to »Better People« (2006) as one of the characters from that piece moves on into the new social dance context of Pink Promises.

Pink Promises was an attempt to simultaneously relate both analytically and emotionally to the melodies, lyrics and cultural scenery of Swedish bandstand music. To create principals and map the physical fundamentals for solo movement in a foxtrot or the kinesthetic functions of swing.

The work is trying to stage the physical and emotional points and surfaces of human interaction and contact that the social dancing of Swedish bandstand culture so strongly creates possibilities for. Pink Promises is a romantic value-exercise, focusing on a very popular and alive cultural expression.