71 bodies 1 dance

Based on 71 different encounters with trans people, Carte Blanche dancer Daniel Mariblanca has put together a programme which includes dance, a photo exhibition and videos about gender fluidity.

Using the various media, he tells the story of binary and non-binary fates*, about transformations in people of various ages from different parts of the world. As a trans person, Daniel Mariblanca perceives his own gender identity as fluid, not either/or. He describes the transition as both vulnerable and liberating – a situation in which it became impossible to lie to himself any longer. He has since experienced a strong desire to open up to everyone around him, and convey his experiences of differentness, courage and honesty through dance. His curiosity about how other people live out their choices has now resulted in a major project with a diversity of perspectives, forms of expression and sources of inspiration about what it means to be trans.

*which does not contain or is based on ‘only’ two elements.